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The software is 100% web-based. All you need is a web-browser and an internet connection and you’re good to go.


Vidranya Tube Miner

Vidranya Tube Miner is a software that anyone can use it with start by generating a constant $ 100 per day! No technical skills required.


Vidranya Tube Miner searches the YouTube for “Broken Links”.

These are the links in theYouTube video description that the original video maker “forgets” to update. Because they are “forgotten” to update them, the link is “expired” and can be available for purchase.

Many of these videos are rank well in you tube with thousands of views every day.

Since the original video maker forgets to update domain,

He or she leaving the LOT of money on the table.

To grab that money from the table, you want to do to find the broken links and purchase.

So you can legally, Morally steal the traffic from the original video,

and Send traffic wherever you want.

such as,

Ecommerce Websites

Local Business

Your Own Websites



Thousands of Visitors In One Month!

It’s Amazing!

From ZERO to Hundreds of Daily Visitors!

This could be your site!

Customers reviews

Wow! I signed up for an expired domain with 546 videos and an average number of views per day of around 2583! ! Great exploration.
Adam Sendler
I have found some domain names that can be used for PBN websites! Love this software.
Ahmed Adnan
Within a week I had my second and third sale from the VTM domain. I hope there will be more sales.
Mila Rose
With the help of these forgotten domain names and hundreds of people who visit my site daily, I have seen good results.
Jonathan Mike

Inbuilt keyword suggestion

Here you can search and find an unlimited number of keywords to find the expired domain. All you have to do is enter a primary keyword and Tube Miner will
immediately show other related keywords that you may not have thought of.

Unlimited Single click domain purchase

We integrate the Namecheap APIs inside the Tube Miner, so with one click of the button, you can directly
purchase the available domains on Namecheap! This will ensure that you never miss an available domain!

No restriction over the age of the videos

When using Tube Miner, you can search for videos based on the upload time. Most people only buy a domain name for one year, so imagine how many videos
you can find if you go deeper into older videos!

Search by relevance or view count

This makes you more focused on the videos that Tube Miner has to deliver to you. You can determine whether you want to watch the video based on the
relevance of your keywords or the number of views.

Domains to ignore from results

Tube Miner will provide you with the list of domains that are available or yet to available for purchase. You can ignore domains from the search results here to
ensure that you always get the only domain that can be purchased.

Domain Tracker

To ensure the value for the price of Tube Miner, we have built an automatic domain tracker. With the push of a button, you can get email notification when the wished domain is available to purchase.

Favorite Results

You can save the part of the Tube Miner results and maintain those contents centrally. Which means you can manage the different keywords results in a centralized page.

Wikipedia domains

Tube Miner not only to attract YouTube traffic, but it has also found a way to attract Wikipedia traffic. It means 2x traffic you will get.

Domain Insights

With this feature you can do more mining for specific domains on YouTube. It gives you all videos with a specific domain name in the video description, along
with statistics for each video and summary.


Buy Now

Of course, we also have a 30-day money-back guarantee!
Yes, we are convinced of how much functionality and value Tube Miner can offer for your company and we are prepared to invest our money. That is why we provide you with money back guarantee.

Just show us that you are placing Tube Miner in your company and if you do not get a positive return on your investment, we will give you a refund without hesitation!

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