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Pinterest API error code 429


Actually 429 is the api error code for rate limit exceeded. It means you we can hit Pinterest API server with a token maximum of 5 times( For unpublished app) within an hour. From 6th hit, we will get 429 error code. 

Now you will get the 429 error code also for one more reason.

For two reason we will get API Status code 429 error code,

1. Actual rate limit exceed (In this case we can create our pin after some time)

2. When new pin having banned url.(In this case, we cannot pin, until we remove the banned url from pin target url)


Note: You can find whether your domain got banned or not via the below url,{REPLACE YOUR DOMAIN NAME}

If above URL, returns pins that are having your domain as link, you can conclude your domain is active. otherwise, it got banned.


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