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Getting browser information file failed! Exception message:The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable Article not rated yet
When I am running the Geta ccess token bot, there are only 3 lines in log tab: 2019/08/29 22:21:31 Thread: 1. wait for the next run. 2019/08/29 22:21:30 Thread: 1. Getting browser information file fa...
What happen after all images in a pin job pinned? Article not rated yet
Question: The pin total count is always 504 maximum. Can I ask what happens after the 504 pins are pinned? Does the job stop? Does the job start over? Does the job search for new pins? Thanks.VSS ...
Image CSV file path help! Article not rated yet
Hi, please can you explain the image CSV file path. I have 1000 images on my c:\drive I thought this function would pick the image files from the folder I have on the c:\drive This is my current fo...
Feature request - random number Article not rated yet
Hi, can you add this feature: If [rand_num] is in the URL field, it will be replaced with a random number. For example:[rand_num] will turn into
Get access token bot input import from csv Article not rated yet
Hi, can you send a few sample lines for the file that's used when I click the "import from file" button? (wondering if it's comma or tab separated... a few samples would be great) Also, for example, ...
2 instances on same server Article not rated yet
Hi, is it possible to run two instances of VSS on the same server (different users and different RDP sessions) like SM3? I created a new user with a new RDP session and copied the VSS files to a fold...
not pinning images Article not rated yet
hi, the tool is not pinning. 2019-10-14 13:58:30,612 [40] DEBUG MyScheduler.PinJobExecute - Image processing error.imageurl:Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.: a...

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