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Vidranya Social Scheduler

Automate the white hat pinner strategy and make their life easy peasy

Boost your Presence from Day #1

Accelerate your boards on Pinterest for more Targeted Pins & Follows.  Manage multiple account in one place. Sit back, Relax & Watch Your Followers GROW

Why everyone likes Vidranya Social Scheduler?

Because VSS automate the “White hat pinner strategy”

It means,

  • Pick the image from various sources by the given keywords
  • Make it as a unique image by adding text and/or manipulating the image
  • Create a wordpress post with that image. Also, add a description to that post as given spintax
  • Pin the same image on Pinterest and set target URL as the newly created WordPress post URL

Over 30 templates “on the fly images”

With combination of this templates, you can get 1000+ images from a image.
Best part of this, all combinations are take care of the software.
Software can auto pick the text color and background by image histogram.

Pinterest board management

Boards are important to pin the relevant image to relevant section to drive traffic. The software will create boards via the Pinterest approved API.

Multiple account management

As a business it is nature to have more than one Pinterest account to market your brand, product etc.. But managing those accounts could be difficult.
The software provides you single place to manage all of your Pinterest account. Manage means to create boards, pinning on the fly images to those accounts. All can be managed from one place.

Social Scheduler

To be a successful business on the Pinterest, you need to pin consistently. The research says, everyday at least 10 to 20 images needs to be pinned to get traffic to your site. Doing manual pinning is failed to maintain this level of consistency. The software will do this with help of on the fly images. So your pin always get unique image and scheduler pinning 24/7

Spintax support

The software supports the spintax on various input such as Pin description,Text on Image, Call for action and even Pin target url.

Pinterest approved API

This software is using 100% the Pinterest V1 API which is approved by Pinterest to use by Pinterest app.

Sample “On the Fly images”

The best way to experience our wide collection of on the fly images is to use the software. 

What you get with your purchase?

The Vidranya Social scheduler Software

(the software requires Windows OS with Dot net Framework 4+)

Mac and Linux users can run it on a Windows Virtual Private Server (VPS) from any reputed vendor.

User Manual

(walks you step-by-step through the software)

Support on demand

You can raise support ticket at

Single PC License

/ month

  • Multiple account management
  • Board Management
  • On the fly unique pin image
  • Nested Spin-tax support

Choose Plan

5 PC License

/ month

  • Multiple account management
  • Board Management
  • On the fly unique pin image
  • Nested Spin-tax support

Choose Plan

Contact Us

  • 9B SIS Meridian, 100ft bye pass road, Chennai-600042
  • (+91) 8667408532

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