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Give Pinterest what it wants!

When Jonathan launched a valuable Pinterest marketing tool, I started Pinterest marketing for my Money site. Since that time, there was many ups and downs with my marketing strategy.

Then I developed Vidranya social scheduler to do the Pinterest marketing myself. 

Although the tool attracted a lot of Pinterest traffic, What did I give to Pinterest? 

 – I discard a lot of junk images on the Pinterest server. 

 – I uploaded other people images or stolen images in Pinterest.

Your Pinterest strategy may also be like this.

 This made me start thinking “Why wouldn’t I give any help to Pinterest because it’s my source of income?” 

 I am ashamed of selfishness. So I decided to give something to Pinterest.

So, I put myself in the shoes of a Pinterest user, what content do I want to see from pinners?

– Pinners should pin the images in the same way that would be appealing to them and their friends.

– Pinners should not pin anything that hurts other people.

– Also, since we spend a large amount of money to keep pinners
images, these images should not be junk and wasteful.

So keep these three points in mind. I decided to “give Pinterest what it wants.” This is the newborn story of “Niche FAQer.”

As my original idea was to make Pinterest happy, when I feed my images (images created by Niche FAQer) to Pinterest, I can see them in real-time.

Below image that shows you the performance of my brand new Pinterest account’s 30 days journey.

“Giving Pinterest to what does it want” is a positive attitude. This idea caused a positive vibration on my WordPress site. So now Google, Facebook and Twitter are also starting to be happy with the content generated through “Niche FAQer”.  

See the proof 

Now you must be wondering, “what does the Niche FAQer do exactly?”

Cool, it is a 100% Auto-pilot software that builds niche website for you. Niche FAQer is compatible with almost all market segments. It also drops niche articles on your site.

Now your next question must be “Where and how does the Niche FAQer write an article under the niche that I have chosen?”

Am I right? hopefully.

Niche FAQer has a built-in scraper that does the following,

– Scrape the frequently asked questions along with the answers under your niche via the search engines.

– Make them unique to the choice of your language, using the built-in google translator.

– Then posting that content into your site.

By posting this content, Niche FAQer will post the following with this article,

– Unique images for the content as featured image ( This is can be used in Pinterest, Facebook and twitter)

– TTS voice recording of your article that gives an option to your visitors to listen instead of reading

– Tailor-made video for the content ( This can be used in Youtube, Dailymotion etc.. to start your video marketing)

Since everything is done by an autopilot, you don’t need to take care of each article. Hundreds of articles are automatically published on your website every day.

Order today with 30 days money-back guarantee

In my next article, I will explain how to link a Pinterest account to my website and how to automate Pinterest marketing to increase traffic.

In the meantime, click on the link below to make sure you have a copy of the “Niche FAQer” and be familiar with it.

Order today with 30 days money-back guarantee