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2 instances on same server


Hi, is it possible to run two instances of VSS on the same server (different users and different RDP sessions) like SM3?

I created a new user with a new RDP session and copied the VSS files to a folder that user can access... but the software throws an error when launching VSS.

Please advise.

You don't copy the VSS files to run a second instance. Just follow the below steps,

1.create a shortcut file for the "SocialScheduler.exe"
2. Right-click the shortcut file icon that created on the previous step and choose "Properties"
3. On the target field just append db=dbname, for example
"C:\Vidranya Social Scheduler\SocialScheduler.exe" db=dbname
Here dbname can be anything as you wish. You may use the niche name that you have selected for the db name.
[NOTE]: dbname should have any spaces.

4. Double click the shortcut file, The second instance of the VSS will be opened.

Nagendran Ponnan

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