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Image CSV file path help!


Hi, please can you explain the image CSV file path.

I have 1000 images on my c:\drive

I thought this function would pick the image files from the folder I have on the c:\drive

This is my current folder structure where the images are stored


example of the file names are below
1AntiAging - 2019-08-19T085048.264
1AntiAging - 2019-08-19T085056.348

How would I populate the CSV file to pick up the image

I dont understand the imageURL, TargetURL, Description syntax

Are you able to show me an exmaple which I can replicate

Tony, Currently the VSS is not supported Local images. To use your own images via CSV, you need to host your local images in your website or any of the public hosting such as google drive, Amazon S3 etc... and use the url of the image which is hosting in the website as image URL.

Nagendran Ponnan

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